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Bring Your Remodeled Basement to Life with the Right Paint Choices

basement remodelA simple basement can be turned into a beautiful space with the right improvements, but the lighting usually requires a little extra effort. Many homeowners do not realize that the wrong design choices can make the basement dark and depressing, no matter how much money they spend. Fortunately, lighting is not the only solution to this problem. You can also use color to brighten this space for a cheery look.

Brightening With Color

Lighter colors can be used to brighten a space, but there is more to this idea. Firstly, you have to make sure that you select the right colors to get the desired effect. Another important consideration is helping the paint choice with the right accessories, such as furniture or drapes. Otherwise, you could end up with a basement that is undoubtedly brighter, but at the same time, visually bland. The right type of lighting, and adequate lighting fixtures, will also support your desire for a brighter basement.

While it is true that lighter colors brighten, some darker tones can have a similar effect when used in the right way. Darker colors can add some character to the space, and also help to highlight the room’s other features. This does not mean that every dark color will work, so you have to be selective. Darker gray tones are commonly used to get this effect. Keep in mind that this can only work with proper lighting.

Paint Colors

Create a painting plan before you start to apply the colors. Will you paint the entire basement in one color, or will you have a focus wall in a different color. Will you use a combination of darker and lighter tones? Good colors and combinations to consider to improve the visuals in a basement are:

  • Light gray: this combination of light and dark will reflect enough light for an interesting effect
  • White with deep blue accents: as the white brightens, the deep blue helps to add some balance
  • Light green: this softens the visual feel while adding some natural warmth
  • Light and dark grey: use light gray for the main color with dark gray for accents
  • Cream or off-white: these colors are great for reflecting light to make the space brighter
  • Yellow: this is one of the best choices for reflecting light to brighten a basement

Using a shiny finish to reflect light seems logical, but it is not always the most attractive visual. With the right color choices, even matte finishes can bring more life to a remodeled basement.

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