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Budget and Other Important Considerations when Choosing Kitchen Countertops

Your kitchen counter top will become a focal point in your kitchen because that’s just the way it generally happens. But you should never choose a countertop just because it looks amazing. There are many different countertops available and the materials that each one is made from offer a unique feature. At least one of these features should be what draws you toward the perfect kitchen countertop in addition to the appearance of it.

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Here are 4 important things that you need to consider when choosing your kitchen countertop:

Know how you will use your kitchen countertops. Do you do a lot of baking? Do you spend a lot of time doing meal prep in your kitchen? Do your children use your counters as a dumping ground or to do their homework? How you answer these questions will help you determine which countertop is best for you and your family.

  • Maintenance and time. Formica countertops are one of the easiest to keep clean and maintain, so it is often the choice for people who do not want to be bothered with anything else. Porous materials like granite, marble, and limestone need to be sealed at least once a year to prevent staining. Countertops that are made from wood need to have oil or another sealant applied at least twice a year in order to keep them looking their best.
  • Size and budget. Installing marble countertops might be a no brainer if you have a teeny tiny countertop in a small kitchen, but for a large kitchen with long countertops, that amount of marble might not be in your budget. To stay within your budget, we recommend considering using two different materials for your countertop. If you have your heart set on marble or you do a lot of baking, then you may want to have a small marble countertop and then use granite or wood for the rest.
  • You should never choose a material that doesn’t catch your eye, but depending on your budget and options available to you, you may have to be creative if you can’t have what you love. Marble countertops are beautiful, but they are not always practical. They can become stained easily and they need a lot of TLC. However, you may find the same look in a quartz countertop and that material is durable, stain resistant, easy to maintain, and doesn’t cost as much as marble.

We recommend that you consider all your options before you choose your new kitchen countertop. You will want to be happy with your choice, while knowing that you chose a material that will stand up to the work that will be done on it.

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