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Cabinet Efficiency: What to Avoid Storing in Your Kitchen Cabinets

Having plenty of cabinet storage space is great for any kitchen, but equally important is knowing how to make the best use of them. Cabinets sometimes suffer from poor organization, or the items inside may be too large.

Here are a few items you should think about keeping out of the kitchen cabinets to boost efficiency.

  • Appliances you hardly use. In every kitchen there will be appliances that are used infrequently. These include cake mixers, ice cream makers and crepe makers. A designated appliance garage can free up space in the cabinets for the items and appliances you will use regularly. To keep them out of the way you can also think about putting them in a large bin or in the basement.
  • Kitchen linen. This has more to with organizing the kitchen than dealing with space issues. Generally, linens should have their own spot instead of being thrown in with food products. If the cabinet is the only place for them, give the linens a designated shelf, preferably at the top to keep them free of food spillage.
  • Everyday appliances. Ideally, these should be easy to access, so keeping them on the countertop can be one option. However, you might prefer to keep the countertop clear. If you have an appliance garage, keep the frequently used appliances on the bottom shelf to reach them quickly.
  • Trays. Even if you entertain regularly, you will not be pulling out serving trays every night. In that case, they will only be taking up vital space inside the kitchen cabinets. Store them out of sight in a spot where you can reach them easily. You can get a small storage bin for the serving trays and other items.
  • Outdoor dining sets. If you have an outdoor kitchen with no storage space, you might decide to put outdoor serving dishes and platters in the kitchen cabinets. However this will crowd out the items you really need to keep close at hand. Outdoor cooking is not a frequent activity so these items can find a home in a storage bin or in the basement.

Packaged food items that can be spilled should generally be kept out of the cabinets. You will have to work harder to keep them clean when spills occur. And let’s face it, spills occur more frequently than any of us care to admit. Items stored inside can also become messy; use sealed containers and sealable bags to keep the cabinets clean.

Kitchen Remodeling in Chicago

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