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Can Your Remodeling Project Be Greener?

It is not that hard to be green. If you want your new kitchen and bathroom remodeling project to wow your friends, check into earth friendly bamboo. Bamboo fits into the green theme. It’s also one of the hottest renovation trends in Chicago, IL.

Any remodeling project can take advantage of the durability of this sustainable product. It doesn’t matter if you’re finishing a basement or adding a new bathroom, bamboo is a great choice. The versatility of the product makes it usable for window blinds, flooring and even furniture. Plus, it can adapt to your style.

Bamboo Flooring - A Green Friendly Material
If you like dark tones, bamboo can be heat treated to achieve the desirable shade. If it is exposed to the carbonization process for a longer time, the bamboo will continue to get darker. If you prefer the natural look of wood, bamboo can be stained to suit your taste. You can create your own unique style throughout your home. In addition, bamboo is durable enough to use in high traffic areas like a kitchen. It will also stand up to the rugged use in a bathroom.

When it comes to sustainable products, Bamboo beats building materials like natural hardwoods and stone. Many take a long time to grow or cannot be replaced at all. Compared to hardwood trees maturing after at least 20 years of growth, bamboo can grow over 46 inches in one day. It is mature after only five years of growth.

Another positive point for using bamboo is the way it grows. The plant grows like a weed. Once the reed-like plant is chopped down it starts reproducing. You can enjoy the beauty and durability of bamboo in any remodeling project and feel good about it.

One of the most popular uses of bamboo is flooring. Bamboo can be woven into strands to produce wide or narrow slats. Other variations are made by vertical and horizontal cuts to create different looks. Depending on your personal taste, you can select from a wide range of styles.

If you want to be part of the latest trend in Chicago, IL, select eco-friendly bamboo for your next renovation project.

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