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Carefully Plan Where to Install the Toilet when Remodeling Your Bathroom

Do you realize that toilets need to be placed properly within a remodeled bathroom?

They do, because they need a specific amount of room around them while also being far away from the door that you know your children will be opening every chance that they get!

Thankfully, a professional can help you find the correct placement for your toilet, so you don’t need to worry about looking at it every time you walk past that open door.

The first thing that we like to do when designing a bathroom remodel is figure out where the shower is going to be placed. A barrier-free shower needs different requirements for the toilet than a shower with doors that need to open both in and out.

Once you decide where your shower is going to be located, you will need to look at the rest of your baseboards and wall panels. You may want to consider purchasing a toilet that blends into the panels and baseboards seamlessly, as it gives the room a more elegant look.

Of course, you may not need to worry about your toilet blending with your baseboards if you choose to install a wall mounted toilet instead of a floor mounted one. A wall mounted toilet has a very modern look, but they can be trickier to install due to the needed support and location of the water supply. If you are lacking space in your bathroom, we recommend that you choose a regular toilet instead of the elongated versions that take up more room. You can gain a few much-needed inches this way.

We recommend trying to install your toilet in a space where you can take advantage of the free space above. While you cannot have low hanging shelves overhead, you can still install shelves up higher to use for storage or décor.

Many contractors like to leave the toilet in the same place as it was to save you money. While we do agree with that most of the time, we also agree that it is necessary to move the toilet on occasion to create more space or achieve a better layout. During those instances, we utilize the above ideas to place your toilet in the spot that will work the best in the space that you have.

Therefore, do not panic if you find that you need to move your toilet for your bathroom remodel. Instead, embrace the change and wait to see how much better your bathroom will look when it is completed.

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