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Check Out the Two Primary Benefits of Building a Custom Home in the Chicago Area

Okay, we all know there are multiple benefits to building your own custom home in the Chicago area. But today we’re going to really narrow the field and condense it down to the primary two. Those are choice and flexibility. You have the ability to make decisions regarding every single area of the home build and the flexibility to choose whatever you want.

Inside Apartment Design Home


You get to make decisions regarding the overall layout and design as well as everything from the footer to the chimney cap. You will choose the brand, type, and style of windows and doors that are installed, and make many other exterior decisions. You will be able to choose the precise appliances that go into your custom kitchen and the type of toilet that is installed in your custom bathrooms.

We understand that this sounds like a lot of decisions to be made – and make no bones about it, it is! But we’ll be there with you every step of the way to help guide you in the right directions. We will help you get the best deals on the materials and items you want, and ensure that they’re installed beautifully.


As the home buyer, you have the flexibility to change your mind at any time. Let’s say you don’t like the siding color or style after we’ve started the installation. You can change your mind and ask us to use a different type of siding, but there will be repercussions.

The flexibility of being able to make your own decisions regarding every aspect of your custom home does come at a cost. You’re dealing with more time, more stress, more room for error, more setback possibilities, and more cost than if you were building a production home. But your home will be 100% unique and built to the specifications you choose.

Production or Custom?

A production home build doesn’t take nearly as long to build as a custom home, so if you’re in a rush to get moved into your new home, go for a production builder. If time isn’t an issue and you’re in the market for something completely different from everything else you’ve seen, give us a call to talk about building a custom home.

Take a look at our albums on Facebook and give us a call at 312-714-5454 if you’re in Chicago or the surrounding areas and interested in designing a custom home with us. We would be happy to schedule an appointment for a consultation and start planning your 2017 new home build.

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