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How to Choose the Best Tile for Your Newly Remodeled Bathroom

Tile is among the best choices of materials for finishing the bathroom for a number of reasons. The primary consideration to keep in mind is to make sure that you choose the proper tile for the right surface. Wall tiles for walls, floor tiles for flooring, etc… Yes, there is a difference! In fact, for today’s blog, we’re going to pretend that we’re tiling an entire bathroom and walk you through the process of choosing tile for the different areas of the room.

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Bathroom Floor Tile

The bathroom floor tile has to be able to withstand the pressure of people walking on it as well as be water resistant. Porcelain and ceramic tile are the go-to choices for bathroom floor tile because they’re water resistant and available in such a broad variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. They’re easy to match or contrast with other types of tile for walls and shower as well.

Bathroom Shower Tile

The shower tile should be very durable and able to withstand scratches and chips on occasion. Porcelain is a great option for the shower wall as is natural stone. Slate and granite are very popular shower tile options because they’re lightweight, durable, and beautiful. Choose a tile that is specifically rated for use in the shower and similar color throughout so scratches and chips are more easily hidden.

Bathroom Wall Tile

Natural stone tile is a lovely option for the bathroom walls. A lot of people choose granite or marble for the walls, although you can also stick with porcelain if you wish. Again, make sure the tile is rated for use on the bathroom wall, and that it is not a floor tile.

Bathroom Backsplash Tile

Backsplashes are highly decorative and may be nearly any type of material. Some of the most popular materials are natural stone, glass, or metal. Your backsplash can coordinate between the different types of tile you use throughout the rest of the bathroom or it can be a completely different accent piece. The choice is entirely yours.

Colors and Appearance

You’re opening up another topic altogether when you start talking design, colors, and appearance. Maybe that can be a topic in the near future. The best advice we can give you without going into great detail is to choose a tile that you love, whether it’s wall, floor, or shower, and build all of the other tiles around it.

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