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Choose One of These 4 Layouts for Your Kitchen Remodel


Remodeling your kitchen can be very exciting, especially because this is your chance to have the kitchen of your dreams. Long gone will be the days of walking across the entire kitchen to the refrigerator a million times while cooking dinner or tripping over anyone who happens to need a drink while you are putting away the dishes.

New Kitchen Coutertops Stainless Steel Appliances
Here are 4 layouts that you can choose from for your remodeled kitchen:

Work Triangle

The most common paths in a kitchen are from the stove, sink, and refrigerator. You can create your new kitchen with this work triangle in mind, to avoid having to go out of this convenient work zone as you are cooking.


A galley kitchen has two work spaces on either side of the kitchen and it looks exactly like it sounds. These types of kitchens are popular in smaller spaces, because they create more space in smaller homes. Most of the time, the sink is on one side and the stove and refrigerator are on the other. There is a drawback to this type of kitchen though, and that is it is difficult for multiple people to work in this space together.

L Shape

An L shaped kitchen keeps the cooking area more private, while allowing family and friends to gather in the other space. The longer wall is where the majority of your cabinets as well as your refrigerator and sink will be.

U Shape

A U-shaped kitchen is wonderful if you have the space for it in your new kitchen. Everyone in your family can work in this space together without tripping over each other. Cabinets and a refrigerator usually line one long wall, while the stove and more cabinets line the other one. The sink is placed on the smaller wall. To add even more work space, you can place an island in the center of the kitchen. The best thing about this kitchen space is that people can walk in without disrupting anyone who is working.

All of these kitchen layouts work well and it is up to you to decide which one will fit your new space and work best for yourself and your family. You will want to choose wisely, because it will not be easy to change your decision once the work has been completed.

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