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Choose the Right Kitchen Lighting for Each Area of Your Kitchen

You use your kitchen quite frequently and you definitely need more than one bright light hanging from the middle of the ceiling. That one light is not going to help you as you’re preparing food for meals and doing dishes. It may, in fact, hinder your efforts and make it more difficult to properly use your kitchen. Here are 7 lighting suggestions for different areas of your kitchen:

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  1. We recommend installing task lighting over areas like the sink and food prep areas so that you can see better while doing this type of work.
  2. Pendant lights are often placed over a kitchen island to illuminate the area for homework, eating, and meal prep.
  3. If you use your countertops a lot to make lunches or mix up a batch of cookie dough, you will want to consider installing under-cabinet lighting fixtures. This will add more light to these otherwise dark areas.
  4. Small skylights can be added to the kitchen so more natural light enters the room.
  5. Lighting installed along the floor is perfect for those late night trips to the kitchen. These lights provide just enough lighting so you can see where you are going and not bump into anything. This is also often called toe-kick lighting.
  6. To enhance the ambiance in your kitchen, we recommend placing certain lights on dimmer switches. This way you can have the lights as bright as you want or need them, but you have the option of low lighting during a romantic dinner for two. Install smart lights so you can show off a little and dim them with your smart phone.
  7. Light up the interior of your cabinetry with in-cabinet lighting. Installing lighting inside your cabinets is easy and then everyone can see your special dishes through the glass doors. The soft glow from these lights at night will make the kitchen feel warm and inviting.

You need to have as many lights in your kitchen as possible and these suggestions will help you improve your space. Your kitchen will look and feel more inviting with the proper lighting and you will want to spend more time in this space. Give us a call at 312-714-5454 to discuss the proper placement of lighting in the kitchen or to schedule an appointment for a consultation. We will help you get the ball rolling on your upcoming kitchen remodeling project as quickly as possible.

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