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Commercial Remodeling in Chicago Customize Your Office Space

Remodeling a commercial space requires the same planning and factors that you would consider when remodeling your home. The major difference would be that the finished renovations need to accommodate tenants, partners, coworkers, or employees – not your family. Here are a few things to keep in mind when planning your project.

Driving Factors

What’s driving your motivation for the renovation or remodel? Some of the most common reasons to remodel the office space include:

  • New Tenant: The owner of the commercial property is generally responsible for upgrades and remodeling when a new tenant moves in, however the tenant can often make minor improvements to their rental area as well.
  • Update Finishes: Updated finishes like paint, new trim, new fixtures, and new faceplates are excellent ways to keep your property looking amazing.
  • New Tech: Take the time to install a new thermostat, dimmable lighting, hands-free faucets and new touchless toilets in the bathrooms, and other goodies to update the office.
  • New Infrastructure: You may need to upgrade all of your computers, wiring, and networking. Remodeling will allow you to get it all done correctly the first time instead of running cables around the base trim.

Project Scheduling Factors

Most remodeling companies work during daytime hours. This may interfere with your office’s work schedule. Construction work is disruptive and loud, so you may need to work out a schedule that allows work to be completed without destroying your work day.

The Extent of the Remodel

Are you installing new flooring and painting the walls or are you building out individual office spaces for each employee? The more you do, the more time it will take to get it done, but the finished project will look amazing.

Furnishings and Decor

A newly remodeled office requires new furniture and decor, right? Choose your new furniture and decor carefully to make sure it’s exactly what you need and that it will properly fit in your new office space. This is your opportunity to get a new desk and chair, new wall hangings, and new potted plants to replace those ugly fake plants that have been hanging around for years. Go all out. Customize your new office and create a truly comfortable work environment.

Custom Office Remodeling in Chicago

Commercial remodeling requires a lot of planning and consideration in terms of the type of business as well as the needs of the property owner. Call us and let’s schedule an appointment for a consultation so we can listen to your ideas and share our expertise with you. We’ll help you choose the best route for remodeling your commercial property in Chicago.

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