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Some of the Most Common Mistakes Made in Designing Kitchens

The importance of the kitchen as the area for preparing meals and the spot where the family gathers can pose a few challenges in getting the right design. There has been the occasional case of remodeling projects not meeting the needs of clients. Starting out by understanding the challenges and potential mistakes is the right approach to take.

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  • Layout errors – any plan can look good on paper, but the reality may be something different. Start by ensuring there is nothing that blocks access to the sink, counter and stove, as these are the essential components of a good kitchen layout. Make sure that open cabinet or cupboard doors do not cause a problem with the flow of traffic. If there will be seating in the kitchen, the positioning will be important.
  • Inadequate storage – it is not easy to fully anticipate storage needs, but at the very least you should try to avoid falling short. The kitchen contains a wide variety of items. Your small appliances, food products and cookware will all need space. Storage must be planned so that you have quick access to the things you will use regularly, and there must be an emphasis on keeping the area tidy.
  • Too little counter space – a large countertop is always desirable, but some people are cautious about making it too big. Your budget and the size of the kitchen are major factor to look at. You can also think about the size of your family and how much cooking you will be doing. Making a list of kitchen activities will help to avoid confusion if more than one person is using the kitchen.
  • Skimping on lighting – proper lighting helps with working in the kitchen, but it can also make the space more inviting. For this particular space, task lighting is usually suggested for the work area. Accent lighting, if space allows, is a good idea, but general lighting is essential.
  • Poor ventilation – any cooking area will need to be aired out to keep things comfortable. Proper ventilation serves multiple purposes. It keeps the room smelling fresh, and it helps with maintaining the temperature and air quality.

Kitchen Design and Remodeling in Chicago

With basic planning, kitchen remodeling can simpler than most people realize. Sometimes minor decisions like keeping the trash close to the exit door for easy disposal can have a big impact. Keep your budget in mind, and balance this with current trends for a functional and beautiful space. Call us at 312-714-5454 if you’re in the greater Chicago area and planning to remodel your kitchen. We’ll help design an amazing kitchen that your entire family will love.

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