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Consider Using Wood Flooring in Your Kitchen Remodel

Stencil.default 7So you’re finally getting your kitchen remodeled, and it’s time to make a decision on the flooring. What kinds of things do you need to consider when choosing that new flooring so you don’t regret your decision later?   

Are you Ready for Real Wood?

Real wood flooring is trendy, but is it what you want in your kitchen? Real wood is durable, long lasting, and beautiful making it an attractive option, however there are disadvantages to consider.

If your home has an open floor lay out it is visually appealing to extend the same wood from your living area through your kitchen. Wood has many imperfections in its appearance and is naturally soft flooring so minor dents and indentations will show.

If real wood flooring gets damaged with dents or by water, small areas can easily be replaced knowing that there will be no ‘exact match’.        

Engineered Flooring Options

Engineered flooring is composite wood with a finish on top. It is durable, affordable, resistant to spills and humidity than real wood. However, the top wear layer can get worn in high traffic areas. It can’t be sanded and resurfaced like real wood. Replacement wood needs to come from the same lot as your original flooring, and even then there may be a visible difference.

White Oak or Brushed Wood Options

If dents, indentations and wear marks bother you white oak or wire brushed wood may be a better choice.  White Oak is a strong hardwood with a tight grain pattern that is more resistant to damage and available in different natural colors.

Wire brushed wood has a textured look that will hide damage easier. The texture on the flooring gives it movement makes it more difficult to seeing dents and imperfections.

Porcelain Tile

New manufacturing practices make porcelain tile look like real wood. It is easy to maintain, durable, and resistant to damage. The price point is low, and maintenance is easy. There are many options to pick from including being customized to your desire.

A Cautionary Word

Be sure to check out what warranties apply to your choices. While there are drawbacks to everything, making a wise choice will make your decision something you’ll enjoy for years to come.

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