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Create a Fully Functional Apartment in Your Finished Basement

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the basement is one of the first place people think of when they want additional living space. You can do amazing things even with a small basement with some planning. It goes without saying that most basement apartments are compact, but you can still make yours fully functional. Here are some great ideas you can use for inspiration to reshape your basement space.

The Right Color Scheme

When dealing with a small space, the use of color becomes even more important. A combination of shades can give the room a more expansive feel, as long as you make the right choices. Off-whites are usually good picks, and you can try turquoise, aqua or orange as accents. This will keep the main color from becoming overpowering. Neutral, earth based tones can also work well in these spaces.

Effective Lighting

These are generally dark spaces, so this is a challenge to overcome right from the start. If your egress window does not let in enough light, your fixtures must do the job. Position fixtures to get rid of shadows, as this will work against the effect you want to achieve. Make use of lamps and track lighting to brighten the space.

Add a Cooktop

With an already small basement there might not be enough room for a practical kitchen, but a cooktop might be enough to add some functionality. Use a small island as a work area, and it can serve as a dining area as well.

Plan the Layout

In a small space starting with details for the layout will make your life easier. Use small furniture pieces if possible to maintain that airy feel. Put ;arger pieces against the wall so you will have an unencumbered view of the space.

Add Some Greenery

Putting a few plants will add some warmth and color to the space. The lively addition can boost the visual appeal of a small room.

Add an Exit Door

This is not viable for every basement, but you should get an assessment before ruling it out. It is essential that this type of work be done according to building codes. Input from a structural engineer may also be necessary.

Build Out a Basement Apartment in Chicago

With these tips, you can have a basement apartment that rivals other rooms in the home. Consider other accessories like rugs and art to add more color and beauty to the room. Keep your perspective renter in mind while designing the area. Elderly parents may need ADA compliant features whereas your adult child or another adult renter may not.

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