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How to Create a Multi-Purpose Basement

The main reason for basement remodeling is usually the desire for extra living space. Not surprisingly, some homeowners are not quite sure what they want to do with this space, even if the thought of remodeling is appealing. Instead of struggling to come up with a single idea, why not reshape it into a multi-purpose space? Use the tips provided below to turn the basement into a room that anyone can enjoy.

Stencil.twitter Post 5Think About What You Need

Start by making a list of all the ways you think that you might be able to make use of the basement. You have to consider the members of your family and the activities they enjoy. If space permits, it can be set up in such a way that the entire family can enjoy it together. Include entertainment options, an eating area and a spot to keep toys, board games and books.

Make a Floor Plan

Starting with a simple floor plan will help you to create separate zones for different activities. This will be your chanced to decide how you will get your ideas to work. Your plan should take into account the sizes of the largest pieces of furniture and appliances. You might have to cut back on a few ideas if you realize that there isn’t enough square footage.

Don’t Neglect Storage

You will want to keep your new basement space as tidy as possible. The best way to beat clutter is by having enough storage. Utilize floor to ceiling storage options to keep most of your floor space. Buying double duty furniture is another way to get storage that does not limit your floor plan options.

A Walk-out Basement

Some basements, due to the slope of the land, are not closed off by foundation walls. This will allow you to create a doorway leading directly outside. The space will have a lot of natural light, and with the door open, it will feel larger.

An open concept floor plan is best for a basement that will serve more than one purpose. Keep furniture purchases minimal, ad make use of rugs and small bean bags. An open plan helps you to make the most of your space, and encourages easy movement. Some people use paint colors or small rugs to split the space into different sections. The thing to remember is that you should avoid trying to do too much, especially if the basement is small.

Basement Remodeling in Chicagoland

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