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Create the Spa Bathroom of Your Dreams with these 6 Items


Spa bathrooms are becoming quite popular and it is easy for homeowners like yourself to turn your bathroom into a spa like space. Some features can be added to your existing bathroom, while others will require a full bathroom renovation.

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Here are 6 items that change your bathroom into your dream like spa:

  1. Walk-in Steam Shower with Multiple Shower Heads: A shower like this delivers the ultimate spa experience. You can shower alone or with your significant other and never have to fight over who is going to be under the water. These showers are roomy and you will be able to choose from multiple options as you are in the shower.
  2. Electronics: Installing speakers or a television in your bathroom can enhance the time you spend in there. Imagine soaking in the tub while watching your favorite movie or showering and listening to your favorite tunes.
  3. Heated Flooring: You will never have to step onto another cold bathroom floor in the middle of the night or after a shower again if you install heated flooring. Instead your feet will be toasty warm at all times.
  4. Heated Towel Drawers or Racks: Imagine stepping out of the shower or the tub and wrapping yourself up in a nice warm towel. This is possible if you have a heated towel drawer or rack installed in your bathroom. Besides placing your towels there, we also recommend placing your bathrobe or pajamas in there, so that they are warm as well.
  5. Ambient Lighting: Installing dimmer switches or wall sconces can change the atmosphere of your bathroom. Instead of soaking in a tub with the bright lights on, you can dim the lights and enhance your entire experience.
  6. Chaise Lounge: You may not take the time that you need to relax after a long shower or soak in the tub, but if you place a lounging chair in your bathroom, you may find it more convenient to relax for a little bit longer. You can use this chair to sit in when you need some time to think or you need a minute or two of alone time.

These changes will not completely reduce your visits to the spa, but they should make your bathroom a place that you want to spend more time in. Your bathroom should be a room that you can use to recharge, instead of a place that you spend a minute or two in as you are getting ready in the morning. After you have completed some improvements, you may find that you should have completed a lot of this many years ago. Call us at 312-714-5454 to discuss remodeling your Chicago area bathroom with us in 2017.

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