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How to Creatively Use Crown Molding when Remodeling Your Kitchen

Crown molding and base trim help tie any room together. But today we’re going to talk about using crown molding to add a true custom appearance to your kitchen. We’ll talk about using light or dark trim, and a few different ways you can customize your kitchen design using crown molding and base trim. We all know that you can use crown molding to outline and finish a room, but here are several more ideas for a newly remodeled kitchen that you’re sure to love.

Traditional Crown Molding

Traditional crown molding perfects the joint where the ceiling meets the wall. It adds a beautifully finished touch that provides additional customization options. You may choose plain white crown molding or something much more decorative. The type of molding and trim you choose should fit the overall size and decor of the room.

Crown Molding on the Cabinets

Choosing cabinets for your new kitchen can be quite a challenge. Stock cabinets are cheaper while custom cabinets look amazing. How about meeting in the middle and choosing semi-custom cabinets and adding crown molding to the top to add a more custom appearance?

Crown Molding for a Coffered Ceiling

A coffered ceiling adds a lot of visual appeal to the kitchen. A variety of trim types, and yes, crown molding, can be used to create a trey or coffered ceiling.

Dark Trim vs. Light Trim

Many homeowners feel that using dark paint makes a room look smaller while using a lighter shade makes the same room appear larger. We believe it’s about more than just the color of the walls. You can, in fact, enjoy darker walls and pair them with crown molding and trim to brighten the room or enhance the dark color. Dark trim has the ability to create the illusion of height just like light trim does, depending on your wall colors of course.

Wall Color Molding and Trim

Painting the walls often results in messy roller or brush touches on the ceiling. Molding or trim that is the same color of the walls will remove that messy appearance and create perfect lines. The angle at which crown molding is installed can make the room appear taller as well as creating the effect of perfectly straight paint lines.

Kitchen Remodeling in Chicago

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