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Customize Your Kitchen Remodeling Project with these 10 Kitchen Design Ideas

Stencil.instagram Post 4When you remodel your kitchen, the more personal touches you can add, the better. Most people who want to remodel their kitchens have their own preferences for colors, materials, and fixtures. However, personalizing this space means more than just improving the look. This is a, good way to boost functionality and stake some of the stress out of meal preparation. Here are a few budget friendly ideas that are easy to achieve.

  1. Plate rack. Keep the moving around to a minimum when preparing and serving meals. With a wall mounted dish rack you will always have quick access to the dishes you use most often.
  2. Wine storage. A wine rack does not need to be large or take up a lot of space. With a custom cabinet you can incorporate wine storage and a space for stemware. It also adds a l,ook of elegance to a simple kitchen.
  3. Range hood. This is a practical addition to the kitchen as it pulls heat and grease from the stove to keep the kitchen cleaner and cooler. This can also be a stylish addition to the kitchen, as there are many designs to choose from.
  4. Add an island. If your kitchen lacks an island, you could be missing out on the convenience of more storage space, another meal prep area, and a dining spot. They are also highly customizable, so you can add the features that your kitchen needs, and choose the perfect finish to complement the space.
  5. Focus on the details. Adding some trim and accents to the kitchen can quickly transform the look. Add crown molding to cabinets for a quick visual update and touch of charm.
  6. Use color wisely. Combining neutral tones with brighter colors in certain areas can create interesting focus points. This does not only include paints, but applies to fixtures and furniture as well.
  7. Use glass. This is a good middle ground between solid cabinet doors and open shelving. You can show off your beautiful china while keeping it free of dust. This also adds some depth to a smaller kitchen.
  8. Creative storage. Avoid clutter and improve your meal prep technique with slide-out near the countertops. These will work for spices, cookware and utensils for a cleaner, more efficient space.
  9. Artwork Simple art pieces can provide a visual pop, plus show off your tastes and sense of style. You can even express this in the colors you choose for your cabinets, or the cabinet features.
  10. Use window treatments. Personalize and add beauty to the space while increasing privacy. You can also control the amount of glare entering the kitchen.

When you plan to remodel your kitchen, add those elements that will make it feel like a reflection of your tastes. You can infuse these ideas into the remodel without affecting the plans in any way.

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