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Design Ideas to Help You Build the Perfect Man Cave for Dad for Father’s Day


If you’re looking for the perfect gift to get Dad this Father’s Day, we have some unique ideas. Remodeling your basement makes great use of your space and gives Dad an awesome gift. Here are some ideas for designing your basement.

Make it a Music Room

If the best man in your life is a big fan of music, turn your basement into a music room. There are many things you could use to accent the room whether he plays instruments or not. You do anything from decorating the room in music culture to displaying a complete studio.

Consider laying soundproof ceiling tiles or wall foam. Acoustic panels will also cut the noise from any musical instruments or equipment you choose to display. If Dad is a collector of records, find some old collectors’ editions and use them to decorate the walls.

Set Dad up for Gaming and Sports

Every dad is a fan of at least one game or sport. Turning your basement into a sport and game room is one fantastic idea that is sure to please him. For this man cave option consider adding:

  • Arcade machine
  • Pool table
  • Big screen television
  • His favorite video game console
  • A display of sports memorabilia

If your man has a favorite sport, go all out and decorate his new cave with that theme in mind.

Create His Own Sports Bar

What man wouldn’t love his own sports bar in his basement? For a more sophisticated atmosphere, install a marble countertop for the bar. Adding some vintage high-back bar stools or chairs will add to the bar-like atmosphere.

If your man is the rustic type, a wood or stone countertop with matching cabinet space is a great choice. Brick in another great choice that you can even add a fireplace to as well.

Other Things You Will Need

Once you decide on the perfect man cave for Dad, you’ll need to make a list of other important elements. These elements include heating, cooling, lighting, and of course, the bathroom. It’s a good idea to research these elements for an idea of how much you’ll spend.

If your basement is already ready for an extra living space, you’re all set. All you need really need to do now is decorate the room and add any components that match the theme you want. Your man is sure to love any theme you choose.

Basement Remodeling in Chicago

The options for a man cave are endless. Use these few suggestions to get you started on creating your own and then give us a call to schedule an appointment for a consultation to discuss your ideas. Together we’ll design and build an amazing area for dad to enjoy for years to come. Better than another tie or more golf balls, right?

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