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Designing Your Kitchen: How to Choose the Perfect Countertop

We all know and understand branding and the brand names of countertop options that abound. Once you cut through all of the hype surrounding a brand name, you can see the materials more clearly and make your decision more easily. Let’s take a look at the base materials you have to choose from and some pros and cons for each. We hope this will help you choose the perfect countertop for your new kitchen.

New Kitchen Coutertops Stainless Steel AppliancesSolid Surfaces

All countertops have a solid surface, right? Not necessarily, some are quite porous. Solid surfacing materials include acrylic, polyester, or a combination of the two. The design possibilities of solid surface countertops are nearly endless. You can effectively have the appearance of marble without the cost. However, it’s also without the durability. Burns and other imperfections can be sanded out and repaired over time, making this type of countertop very nice under certain conditions.


Concrete is one of the best ways to truly customize your countertop. You’re sure to find a concrete countertop maker in the vicinity if you do a few quick and easy searches on the Internet. You can request nearly any design, color, or thickness for a fully custom-made concrete countertop. As with anything truly custom created, you will pay more for a fully custom countertop.

Don’t let this idea worry you; countertop makers today don’t use the same methods we all saw and hated in the 1980s. Today’s builders use precast molded slabs that create a very smooth shape instead of trawling the concrete onto existing countertops.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile countertops aren’t as popular as they once were because more homeowners want a seamless, easy to clean surface instead of tile with tiny areas for food particles to hide. It is, however, still a very valid material for countertops. Make sure you choose a tile that is designed to work on countertops, not a wall or floor tile.

Natural Stone

We know; the term natural stone can mean a wide variety of materials. Most natural stone countertops are made of marble, granite, or quartz. You may also want to look at soapstone or slate for something a little different.


Hardwoods such as maple, teak, walnut, cherry, or oak are widely used as a countertop material because of their natural appearance and durability. They do make a beautiful addition to a traditional or eclectic kitchen.


Laminate is still a very popular, low-cost option for countertops. Laminate is available from several companies and in a variety of colors and designs. You can opt to have the appearance of nearly any other material but the surprising resilience of laminate.

Some countertops are expensive, but you can find many that will suit your budget. You may have to spend a bit more for if you hope to avoid remodeling or purchasing a new one in the near future. Call us at 312-714-5454 to discuss your kitchen design with one of our expert designers. We will schedule an appointment to help you design the perfect kitchen for your lifestyle and your home’s current layout.

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