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Don’t Forget these 20 Essentials when Moving into Your New Custom Home

Stencil.twitter Post 4Moving into a new home is very exciting, especially when you’ve waited so long to build your own custom home. It can be fun to shop for things that fill all the rooms in your new space and make it into a home. It’s also equally as easy to forget small incidentals that you will also need. Whether you’re moving into a house or an apartment, here are some important things you need and aren’t really thinking about because of the excitement.

Your Kitchen

Even if you don’t cook a lot, you need some basic tools. Just a few simple and inexpensive items will make cooking a bit easier until you’ve had time to properly stock your new kitchen. These are tools such as:

  • Oven mitts
  • Can opener
  • A nice set of wooden spoons
  • A durable set of measuring cups and spoons

Bathroom Essentials

You may have remembered the toilet paper because it’s a staple for every household, but here are a few you may have forgotten:

  • A shower curtain
  • Bath mat
  • Towels
  • Plunger and brush

The Bedroom

When you’re buying things for your home, don’t be overwhelmed with all the choices on the shelves. Of course you’ll buy a nice set of sheets, but don’t forget to include:

  • Bedside lamps and bulbs
  • Hangers
  • Wall mounts for pictures
  • A laundry basket

Cozy up the Living Room

Depending on the size of your new home, you may only have enough space for a couch and a chair. Any amount of space can easily be turned into a home. Whether you have space for a coffee table or television, buying small things adds to your home. Some important things are:

  • Lamps and bulbs for extra lighting
  • Coasters
  • Baskets for organizing

Don’t Forget the Extra Supplies

Now that you’re thinking about the rooms in your home, don’t forget the other supplies that keep your home clean and organized. You need things such as:

  • Cleaning gloves
  • Cleaners for each room
  • A broom and mop
  • A tool set – this can just be a small set with a screwdriver, hammer, and nails
  • A small step-ladder

It’s easy to forget to add the essentials to your list when you are moving. While this list does not cover everything you need, they are a few important things to have when you move into a new home.

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