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You Don’t Have to Give Up Valuable Storage Space when You Remodel Your Basement

The average basement is full of potential. Sure, you may currently use it to store seasonal clothing and sporting equipment or old mementos, but that’s okay. We want to take a few minutes today to show you how you can finish or remodel your basement to add incredible living space to your home without losing storage space.

Custom Under Stairs Storage Illinois

Hidden Storage

You don’t have to give up storage space to create living areas in the basement; just hide it! The space under the staircase is a great place to start. The average staircase is roughly two feet wide, so your built-in storage could fill that otherwise empty space quite nicely. The walls don’t have to be standard walls, either. Consider building storage into the walls to add to the noise dampening and completely hide seasonal items.

Storage Furniture

Storage ottomans are very convenient for miscellaneous items or quick-reach items. A window seat or a reading nook is a great area for bench seating – or more specifically, storage bench seating. Don’t worry; storage furniture doesn’t have to be plain boxes with cushions and pillows lying around. You can make or buy very nice furniture with optional storage.

A Wall of Closets

Choose a wall that’s somewhat out of the way and create an entire wall of closets. Inset the doors so that it looks like a flat wall. Use decorative paint or decals to hide the fact that the wall is actually an entire row of storage closets. Think about the space you’ll have with three feet of storage space on a 20 foot wall! That’s a pretty amazing 60 square feet of storage hidden behind decorative doors.

The Layout and Design

Think of your basement as a puzzle. Each zone or area is an individual piece of the puzzle. The area with the most natural lighting should be the primary socialization room. The area with the least lighting should be the television or entertainment room to prevent window glare on the television. Bedrooms need to be along the perimeter because they’re required to have an egress window. Position the snack or drinks area in a way that doesn’t require anyone to cross in front of the television and disrupt viewing while getting refreshments.

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