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Don’t Go Overboard With Kitchen Cabinet Hardware and Drawer Pulls

There is nothing in a kitchen remodel that is not important. Whether the homeowner is trying to decide what type of countertop they want or what finish they want the cabinets or what kitchen cabinet hardware they should use, these are all major decisions.

Elegant Kitchen Cabinets Remodeling

Some people are probably wondering how choosing kitchen cabinet hardware can be such a difficult decision to make and why. The answer to this is because once a kitchen remodel is completed homeowners want to sit back, relax and enjoy their new kitchen and not have to worry if they made the right decisions about anything. The key to making the right decision is finding the one that matches the new décor and doesn’t cost more than the budget allows.

Here are some of the many options that are available for kitchen cabinet hardware that homeowners can choose from:

  • Streamline modern is a long handle pull that is usually available in stainless steel. These pulls work well with many styles including modern, contemporary, art deco and transitional. Unfortunately the larger pulls cost a significant amount more than the smaller ones. Bar pulls are available in many sizes including extra long. If a homeowner uses these, then they will not need to use multiple pulls on an extra long drawer. They are available in many finishes including stainless steel, satin nickel, black and polished brass. Bar pulls work best with modern, minimalist, contemporary, traditional, transitional and Shaker styles.
  • Cup pulls became popular in the middle of the 19th century. They look like an upside down cup and are good for Shaker, traditional, vintage, country and eclectic designs. Cup pulls can cost at least $10-$15 a piece, so price may be a factor in the decision making process.
  • Window sash pulls look like the pull that people used to use to open their windows in the early 1900s. These pulls do not work with too many designs, so if a homeowner wants to use them they may have to design the kitchen around this feature.
  • Novelty knobs usually have a theme with a lot of personality. While they may add a little flair to a room, they might not be the easiest to hold onto while opening a cabinet or drawer.
  • Drop handles can make built in cabinets look more like a piece of furniture and they give the kitchen more of a country feel. These handles are good to use if the homeowner wants to make plain cabinets look fancier.
  • Glass knobs are usually inexpensive, yet they are still considered stylish and can add formality to a room.

No matter what kitchen cabinet hardware a homeowner chooses, they need to make sure that it matches the décor and that it does not cost more than the budget allows. It is never necessary to spend a lot of money on hardware especially if there is something more affordable available that may look just as nice or nicer.

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