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Don’t Let Unexpected Expenses Surprise You when You Remodel Your Home

The word budget is a pretty simple word really. Nearly everything we do revolves around a budget. We always aim to keep every remodeling project within yours while not destroying our own. Here are several ways to make sure you stay within budget while choosing materials and planning your home remodeling project.

Edgewater Glen Home Rehab

  • Create a Budget: This probably goes without saying, but put pen to paper or open up a spreadsheet and create a budget. Make sure you budget at least 15% in addition to the costs you approximate, and always approximate high. It’s always nicer to end the project with extra money for decorating or to pad the savings account than to end up surprised at how far over budget you went.
  • Be Upfront with us about Your Budget: The only person you’re hurting if you’re not honest about the budget is yourself. Your project will suffer, the end result will not be what you wanted, and you will not be happy with the results. It’s best to be honest about the budget so we can work with you as needed and give you more tips on how to save on your remodeling project.
  • Hire an Inspector: Some homeowners argue that this is a waste of resources, but the approximately $300 you will spend on a home inspector can shave valuable time off of the remodeling project. They will take the time to look in, under, and within your home for potential pitfalls that can increase the overall cost of the project if they’re not addressed quickly.
  • Don’t Get Distracted: We understand that it’s very easy to say, “While we’re at it, let’s change this as well!” But that isn’t always a wise choice. You could end up eating into your budget more than intended, and it will add more time to the end project goal date.
  • Building Permit Concerns: Several remodeling projects don’t require a building permit, but it’s always good practice to ask and be sure. We are familiar with Chicago area building codes, so we can help you get a building permit if needed.
  • DIY When Possible: This may sound odd coming from a general contractor and remodeling expert, but we understand how homeowners take pride in DIY projects. We don’t mind you showing off your own skills with power tools and helping reshape the floor plan of your home.

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