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Don’t Let Your Small Bathroom Kill Your Creativity


There are so many homeowners out there that think that they cannot do anything fun and stylish with their small bathrooms. While you may have a small bathroom yourself, we want to assure you that you can easily be just as creative while remodeling that, as you could be if you had the largest bathroom in the world.

Here are 5 things to do while being creative and remodeling your small bathroom:

  1. Consider Who Uses the Bathroom


You will need to determine who uses your small bathroom before you can even consider what to do with it, because everyone requires different things in a bathroom. For example, children are rough on bathrooms and need durable and easy to maintain materials. If you and your spouse are the ones that will usually be in your small bathroom, then you can splurge on higher-end materials, because they won’t get ruined quite so easily.


  1. Consider Extending Your Countertop


Extra countertop space in a bathroom is never a bad thing, so we recommend extending yours over the toilet or other area if you can. You can use this extra space to store everyday items or to add a little extra visual appeal with flowers and candles.


  1. Consider a Trough Sink


These sinks are mounted on the wall and they keep the space below the sink free for storage purposes. This is wonderful for small bathrooms, especially those used by numerous people and children. You can place baskets under the sink and use them to keep towels, extra shampoo and body wash, and even a roll or two of toilet paper.


  1. Consider a Vanity with Open Shelves


If you simply must install a vanity, especially one that allows you to extend the countertop, as mentioned above, then choose one with open shelves. The doors will not get in your way when you are opening and closing them, and you will have more room to store things that you use the most. You can simply stack the items on the shelves, or you can add baskets that will hide what you are keeping in there.


  1. Consider Large Patterns


While you may be tempted to paint this room a light color and add white tiles to the floor, we want you to consider large patterns as well. The larger patterns will make this room look larger than it is, while adding something unique to see every time you walk through the door.


These five ideas will help as you get creative while remodeling your small bathroom but take them a step further and really let your imagination go crazy! There is no limit to what you can do in a small bathroom, so treat it like every other room in your house.



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