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Essential Tips for Keeping Your Basement Remodel from Becoming Stressful

Anyone who wants extra living space on a tight budget can turn to the basement to make this plan a reality. However, most people who undertake this project usually find that it is different from the typical remodeling job. Here are a few things you should know to keep the project from being derailed, and to prevent problems from cropping up after the work is done. These pointers will also help to ensure long term comfort.

  • Stencil.twitter Post 4Dry it out – the basement is a naturally damp area, and the plumbing in this space may have leaks. You can’t spend money to remodel if you are going to worry every time it rains. Check the foundation walls for cracks and make sure there are no pluming leaks. The gutters and downspouts must be in good shape to keep water away from the basement and foundation.
  • Follow the codes – nobody should start a basement renovation without first becoming familiarized with building codes. Follow the permits to the letter to avoid having to undo work you have done. You could also face fines for ignoring building codes. More importantly, electrical wiring that does not meet established standards can damage equipment and pose a safety hazard.
  • Think about the lighting – the basement’s position below the home makes it a naturally dark area. An egress window is essential for safety and as a source of lighting. Hanging lighting fixtures are attractive, but they have no place in a basement with a low ceiling. Opt for recessed lights instead for great coverage and an attractive ambience.
  • Consider baseboard heating – this room can become very cold in winter, and keeping it warm can prove costly. A baseboard heater can help in saving money on energy bills since it will only be warming that space instead of using the heating system for unoccupied rooms. This kind of supplemental heating is perfect for rooms that are difficult to keep warm.
  • Raise the floor – you can get more warmth and comfort by raising the floor and by adding some insulation. A vapor barrier can help to keep out moisture that can lead to wetness and mold growth.

You should think about your finishing well in advance when contemplating a basement makeover. Some people use drywall for ceilings, but suspended ceiling tiles are a good idea, as you might need to move them to do some work later on.

Basement Remodeling in Chicagoland

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