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Here are Some Essentials for a Luxury Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is a good indicator of the luxuriousness of the rest of the home. Building a luxury kitchen will call for attention to every detail. You will have to eliminate some materials and fixtures right from the start. You will not be able to get away with expensive features combined with lower cost accessories to save money. Here are some of the essential considerations for setting up a luxury kitchen with durable aesthetics.

  • Pexels Photo 94865Custom cabinets. Ready-made cabinets simply will not do in what is supposed to be a luxury kitchen. You also cannot build your dream kitchen around below standard materials. High-end custom cabinets reflect quality and taste, which you can’t fake with low-grade wood and workmanship. You will get a longer warranty as well.
  • High-quality countertops. This large surface is a high visibility area, so you have to get it right. Quartz and granite are good choices, but for an even bigger statement, combine it with another material like wood. Mixing textures and colors is good way to create an interesting visual. This is even easier now as there are so many more choices available.
  • Top-of-the-line appliances. Expensive kitchen appliances say a lot, and anyone who sees them will know that you have good taste. They contribute significantly to the look of the space, giving it a cleaner, sometimes high-tech look. Smart appliances that you can interact with using your smartphone or other devices are currently a hot trend in high-end kitchens.
  • The right lighting. This is not an easy thing to describe, since a lot depends on your personal taste. The ever-popular pendant lighting is always worth considering. Focus lighting for the food prep area adds a touch of functionality. Recessed lighting has not lost its appeal, and the same can be said for pendant lighting and chandeliers.
  • A large refrigerator. In a luxury kitchen, a large fridge, or even more than one fridge is usually the way to go. This is a good option for a home with a large family. It enhances the range of choices for meals, making it easier to plan in advance.
  • Effective layout and organization. One of the advantages of having adequate space is the ability to get the layout you want. Choose only accessories that will meet your organizational needs. They will help you to keep foods, spices pots and cutlery out of sight but within easy reach.

Luxury kitchens can benefit from rich colors, but white can still be a good choice. Many different colors can work in this space, from a dramatic red to a somber grey, as long as it suits your cabinetry and appliances. Our designers at Bart’s Remodeling really listen to what you want and take the time to implement your desires into your kitchen design. Give us a call at 312-714-5454 to discuss your kitchen remodeling ideas or to schedule an appointment with our kitchen designer.

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