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Expand the Size and Functionality of Your Existing Home with These Great Remodeling Ideas

Many Chicago area homeowners buy the perfect home in their late 20s or early 30s only to realize five years later that they just need more space. You’re not alone in your quest for more living space, especially in a city like Chicago where space is limited. It’s very common for people to buy a nearly perfect home and remodel it or build additional rooms within the first two to four years because of limited square footage or poor functionality.

Chicago real estate isn’t exactly what one would call inexpensive. Land is often sold at premium prices, and our well-kept neighborhoods show the amount of effort that is put forth by homeowner’s associations and neighborhood litter control groups. Today we want to focus primarily on giving you, the homeowner, and a few great ideas on expanding both the size and functionality of your existing home. Ready? Let’s get started!

Add a Dining Room while Remodeling the Kitchen

Small kitchens are common among homes built in the late 1990s through the mid 2000s. The kitchen and dining room combination area is often remodeled into a single large kitchen with an island, a bar, or a breakfast nook. Take that idea a step further by building a new formal dining room onto your home if you do a lot of entertaining that requires this space.

Add a Media Room while Remodeling the Family Room

Family rooms are often a hub of excitement with toys scattered throughout and the occasional video game console tucked as safely into a corner compartment as possible. Remodeling the family room is usually quite the undertaking because it disrupts normal family functions. A separate media room provides a safer spot to store and use electronic devices, computers, and video game consoles; and no one has to argue over who is in charge of the television if one wants to watch a movie while another wants to play a game.

Add a Bathroom while Remodeling a Bedroom

Bedrooms, like all other areas of the home, must grow with the family. You can easily turn two small bedrooms into one large bedroom, but that takes away an entire bedroom from the layout of the home. The addition of another bedroom adds a minimum of roughly 100 square feet to your home. Take that a little further and build an extra bedroom suite by adding a new bathroom as well.

Build Up Instead of Out

You’ve probably heard the phrase “build up” before, but do you really understand what it means? It’s a phrase that’s used quite often in the construction world, and simply put, it means to build a second floor instead of building onto the perimeter of your first floor. As we said earlier, Chicago real estate isn’t exactly cheap, and adding rooms onto your home takes up precious lawn area.

Add Value and Space while Maximizing Functionality

Expanding one room into the space currently used by another is essentially what remodeling is all about. A small kitchen can be as functional as a large kitchen, but why settle? A large kitchen gives you room to work side-by-side with others, or plenty of elbow room if you just enjoy cooking alone.

Work with Local Contractors

Chicago is full of great contractors. Make sure you do your homework before settling on a contractor for your remodeling project. Ask for references, and ask to see a license so you can make sure your home receives the best treatment possible for the duration of the project. Give us a call for information about remodeling your home.

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