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Five Tips to Make Homes Safer for the Elderly

When your parents or other older family members start to age, their independence will become an even more important issue for them. They may want to remain in their homes, and this will necessitate some changes for their safety. Here are some tips that will guide you.

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  1. Make bathroom changes. This is one of the areas where you can make a number of adjustments. Installing a shower made for the elderly will reduce the risk of slips and falls. Attach grab bars near the shower and toilet for stability. If the floor is tiled, a rubber mat will make it safer. There are special, higher toilets for this aging group as well. Add a phone for emergencies.
  2. Check the stairs. This is a common reason for falls and injuries among this group. Check the banisters and handrails, and tighten them if necessary. People with severe mobility problems may need stair lifts. Attach non-slip strips to outdoor and indoor steps.
  3. Protect against fires. All rooms in the house should have working smoke detectors and other fire safety devices. More importantly, they should all be within easy reach. Some home security systems come with a fire alarm feature that contacts the monitoring company automatically.
  4. Make changes to the bedroom. A phone should be in the bedroom for emergencies. You may need to purchase a new bed if you can’t make adjustments to the existing one. Change the height and add strong bed rails. Make it easy to control the lights from the bed, and make sure that there is a switch close to the door.
  5. Install new lighting. Proper lighting is essential for people with diminished vision. It helps with mobility and can prevent accidents in the home. Automated lights are a good addition for the home of an elderly person. You can also add smart lighting that you can switch on or off with a smartphone.

Pay attention to the choice of accessories like rugs to prevent falls in the home. Putting in an alarm system can be costly, but it is a worthwhile expense. This keeps elderly persons safe and adds peace of mind. Start by identifying specific needs of the elderly person or persons, and then you will know exactly which changes are most important. It is easier to craft a budget and get the work done quickly.

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