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Getting the Right Accessories for a Luxury Bathroom

Luxury bathrooms make an impact, and the fixtures and accessories are a big part of that. If a luxurious look is your goal, there are no quick fixes and money saving ideas. You have to be prepared to get the best quality products, and to hire a contractor who deals with high bathroom remodeling projects. If you are updating a bathroom, you will probably be changing out everything, so the work may take a while.

Bathroom RemodelingLuxury Bathroom Trends

Trends provide a range of ideas for remodeling, so look into a few of these before you start to develop your own ideas. Here are some of the current luxury bathroom trends you can think about.

  • Marble wall panels – these will give you the expensive finish you want for a luxurious bathroom
  • Shower enclosure – an enclosure with high quality safety glass complete with fittings that last and leave you with no worry about corrosion
  • Entertainment – now you can add a TV, sound system and speakers, along with waterproof controls
  • Fog free mirrors – you can’t have a luxury bathroom with a mirror that gets fogged up, so look at the many different types available

Top of the Line Accessories

The accessories do a lot of the heavy lifting where the aesthetics of the space are concerned. The bathroom is no longer the room that you go into for a few minutes. For many it is the best spot for relaxation, so attention to every detail is necessary.

  • Glass faucets – whether you choose transparent glass or color, these interesting designs can make a big impact.
  • Bathroom rugs – a beautiful rug can tie the bathroom together, and act as a centerpiece of the layout.
  • Shelving – you can find high quality shelving with ornate designs, or simpler types with Plexiglass or frosted glass.
  • Bathroom set – luxury sets with toothbrush holders, a bin, and soap and lotion dispensers will make a great addition to a new bathroom.

Each item will play a role in the final look of the bathroom. Even seemingly simple features like towel racks will require a focus on quality materials and effective design. A luxury bathroom is a significant investment, and your choices should reflect that. We will be able to offer some great ideas on accessories and other aspects of the project. Our designers at Bart’s Remodeling really listen to what you want and take the time to implement your desires into your bathroom design. Give us a call at 312-714-5454to discuss your bathroom remodeling ideas or to schedule an appointment with our bathroom designer.

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