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Good Flooring Options for Slip Resistance in Bathrooms

With any bathroom remodeling plan, the flooring requires serious thought. Each year, many injuries result from slipping and falling in the bathroom. It is not possible to make this space 100% safe, but with the right flooring, you can lower the risk of slips with slip-resistant flooring.

These products are available in a variety of styles, textures, patterns and colors. This means that there are no concerns about meeting even the most stringent design needs. Here are four options you should consider for an attractive and safer bathroom.

  • Porcelain or ceramic tiles. In the past decade, there has been an emphasis among manufacturers on adding more texture to their products. Ceramic and porcelain tiles with heavy or rough textures provide plenty of traction that helps to prevent slips in wet spaces. Many ceramic and porcelain products have a coating that protects against stains. They are easy to clean so there will be less overall maintenance. It is wise to by a few more tiles than required by the estimate. They are fragile if dropped or through hard contact, so you should be able to replace them if necessary.
  • Cork tiles. There is still some debate as to whether this is a suitable material for moist bathroom environments. This does not mean that you should simply rule it out. Experts recommend using it only in half baths since there is less likelihood of constant moisture exposure. It is naturally mold and mildew resistant, except in cases of excessive moisture buildup. It is also easy to replace tiles if they are damaged.
  • Mosaic tiles. This is a good option for the bathroom floor, but it is most frequently used for the shower stall floor. Mosaic tiles are sturdy, and have a solid non-slip texture. These types of tiles are also known for adding beauty to the bathroom.
  • Vinyl. The range of vinyl products is vast and continues to expand. Newer, luxury types offer great traction, making them ideal for use in the bathroom. These products mimic the look of other materials such as marble and stone, enabling a high quality look for less.

Finding the right slip-resistant flooring products should not be difficult, as this information should be provided by the manufacturer. Pay attention to your budget and the design of your bathroom to ensure that you get the look you want.

Bathroom Remodeling in Chicago

Replacing the flooring in your bathroom is something that requires a good amount of research. You want to choose a material that will last for years to come and look amazing during that time. We’ve given you ideas for four popular types of slip resistant flooring for the bathroom. The next step is yours. Call us at 312-714-5454 to schedule a bathroom remodeling consultation.

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