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Here’s What You Need to Know When Choosing Faucet Finishes for Your New Bathroom

Bathroom remodeling can be very stressful. We’re homeowners, too; we understand how frustrating it can be to be the person calling all of the shots. You’re already responsible for the layout and design, all of the furnishings, the materials used, and so many other things. So we want to help walk you through choosing faucet finishes for your new bathroom. Our goal is to try to take away some of the stress by offering you valuable information upfront.

Black: Black faucets are becoming more popular because they can be so easily mix and matched with other accessories in the bathroom. It’s easy to clean and doesn’t show dirt, fingerprints, or water marks very easily.

White: A white faucet looks impressive in an all white bathroom and provides a break in color in a black bathroom. Most solid white faucets are made of porcelain or plastic, making them a bit more fragile than their metal counterparts.

Chrome: Chrome is very popular because it is so shiny and works well with most other types of decor. The biggest drawback to using chrome is that it shows water spots and fingerprints and is very difficult to keep clean.

Polished Brass: A favorite for people who want the look of a vintage bathroom or enjoy seeing the sparkle and shine that polished brass has to offer. It’s relatively easy to find and easy to clean, but it does show water marks and fingerprints. You’ll find that it’s pretty easy to match accessories and fixtures with polished brass faucets.

Satin Brass: More expensive than polished brass, satin brass offers a new take on brass. It’s very classy and bold, but not bright and shiny like its polished counterpart. It doesn’t show fingerprints or water marks because of the matte finish and brushed metal appearance.

Oil Rubbed Bronze: Durable and easy to keep clean, oil rubbed bronze adds class and visual appeal to any bathroom. It’s very dark and contrasts with lighter colors nicely while also offering a stunning appearance to a bathroom with darker colors.

Copper: A little more maintenance intensive than other finishes, copper offers a very rich and bold appearance. It’s naturally antibacterial and relatively easy to find. It may be a little more expensive than other finishes, but if you let it age naturally it will develop a nice patina over time.

Satin Bronze: A great alternative that rests between oil rubbed bronze and copper, satin bronze looks great with nearly every bathroom. It’s durable and easy to clean, but it is also a little more difficult to find. It’s also a little more difficult to match accessories and fixtures to if you’re planning to match other fixtures to your faucet.

Polished Nickel: This smooth and shiny finish is a great alternative if you’re tired of the appearance of chrome or brass. It’s a little more expensive than other finishes, but it looks great in a variety of bathroom designs.

Brushed Nickel: One of the more durable finishes, brushed nickel provides a soft metallic appearance that can soften harsh lines or materials. It’s very durable and doesn’t show water marks or fingerprints.

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