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Home Improvement Investments that will Provide a Great Return on Investment Later

Home remodeling is usually seen as a way to update a section or the entire home. Another way to look at these projects is to think of them as investments. For every dollar you spend on home renovation, you can expect a return in terms of an increase in the value of the home. Some projects are known to deliver more than others in terms of value. Upgrading a home or carrying out repairs can make it more appealing to buyers and the home will have a higher market value. While most people renovate their home based on their tastes, you will have to take a different approach if you want to sell.

Stencil.default 4Kitchen Remodeling

As one of the most important parts of the home, this will no doubt get the scrutiny of potential buyers. If the kitchen is not to their liking, there is a good chance they will pass on buying the house. On average, a full kitchen remodel offers roughly a 75% return on your total investment. This can fluctuate based on the types of improvements you choose, and whether you opt for luxury upgrades. Don’t rule out the possibility that some people might want to make a few improvements. You may decide to leave a few areas of the kitchen untouched. Key areas you can consider updating include the tile-work, the backsplash, sink and the major appliances.

Upgrading the Bathroom

The importance of the bathroom as a place to relax after a tough day continues to grow. Renovating a master bathroom can be costly, and a number of different decisions can factor into the final look of the space. Luckily, some small improvements can be enough for some bathrooms, so a big budget is not always necessary. Changing the sink, putting in new tiles or replacing the showerhead with a modern, feature-rich type can have a big impact. If you have an old bathroom with cracked or chipped tiles and an aging tub, it makes sense to carry out a major overhaul before putting the house on the market. New cabinets and a quality vanity countertop can make a grand statement.

The Rest of the Home

If your goal is to sell the home, take a look at other areas that could be improved. New lighting, entry door and windows can spruce up the structure. Look for energy-saving windows that help to lower heating and cooling costs. The vast array of lighting options should allow you to find task lighting, accent lighting, and main lighting fixtures. Give the yard some attention by trimming shrubs and removing dead plants. Curb appeal boosts value and makes the home look more attractive.

Home Improvement in Chicago

If you have a small budget, make changes in stages until you get the home to the desired point. Even if you don’t end up selling the home, you will enjoy greater comfort in a more beautiful setting. Call us at 312-714-5454 to schedule an appointment to discuss your home improvement needs. We’re happy to work with you on design and material choices to keep the improvements within budget while adding monetary value to your home.

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