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Home Organization Tips that Will Help Organize Your Life

When was the last time that you tried organizing your home? When you moved in? After you had a baby? The last time that you searched for hours for a piece of paper or favorite memento that you lost?

We all want to be more organized, yet hardly any of us know exactly how to accomplish this goal of ours!

Here are 7 home organization tips that will help organize your life:

  1. Identify Storage Spaces Before Organizing

You may think that you need to rush out and purchase dozens of containers to organize all your belongings, but that should be the second or third thing that you do when you are organizing your home. One of your first steps should always be identifying where you plan to store everything that you organize. This way you will know what types of containers will fit best in those areas of your home.

  1. Utilize Square Containers if You Can

All those round or uniquely shaped containers might look cute, but they will not fit as well within your space. Plus, you will not be able to fit as many items inside them. Square containers can fit snugly up against a corner of a wall and they stack well too. Of course, you can also consider rectangular containers if you find that you have room for them.

  1. Utilize Shallow Bins or Dishpans in Your Kitchen Cabinets

All your travel mugs, water bottles, and plastic containers can easily take over your kitchen, which is why we recommend utilizing shallow bins or dishpans to corral all these items. Adding labels to each bin will allow others in your house to not only find what they are looking for but put things away as well.

  1. Create an Eat Me Section in the Fridge

Fruits and veggies will go bad faster than you think, and they will quickly ruin the rest of the produce in your refrigerator if you are not careful. Therefore, we recommend placing a bin or basket inside your refrigerator that can hold the items that need to be eaten within the next couple of days. This feature can also be used for yogurts or other items that will be passing their use by date and will ensure that you will not need to throw anything away when it gets past its prime.

  1. Create a Plastic Bag Dispenser

Yes, we are all trying to get away from using plastic bags, but when you end up with them you need to find a place to keep them. After all, reusing them is better than throwing them directly into a landfill! We recommend taking an old tissue box and tucking them in there, so that they can easily be pulled out when you need them.

  1. Box Everything Up in Your Freezer

Freezers can become an overwhelming space once they are overflowing with food. However, you can corral all those little bags of leftovers, bags of vegetables, and anything else that makes its way in there by putting them inside boxes. The best boxes to use are ones that come with lids, as the lids are the perfect size for freezers. If you do not have any of those, you can simply cut the sides of the box down until it is the size that will work best for your needs.

  1. Utilize a Tension Rod Under Your Kitchen or Bathroom Sink

All those cleaning supplies that you keep under your kitchen and bathroom sink can take up a lot of room. That is why we recommend hanging a tension rod in those areas, so that you can hang the bottles on them. This will keep the bottles from cluttering the bottom of the cabinet, which will give you more room for other things.

These seven organizational tips are easy to do, which means that you can do them in a short amount of time. Once you have accomplished these things, you can then tackle the rest of your list, and become the organizational guru that you always knew that you could be!

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