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How to Customize Your Kitchen Cabinets for a Unique Appearance


There is no steadfast rule as to how your kitchen cabinets look, unless of course, you are planning on having them falling partway off the wall and then we would need to talk!

We love it when we walk into kitchens that have unique cabinets, because it allows us to see a person’s true personality. The best part about many of the unique cabinets we have seen though is that they do not take that long to create.

7 Ways to Customize Your Kitchen Cabinets for a Unique Appearance

  1. Create a Beadboard Look


There is nothing more visually appealing than beadboard and you don’t even need to install real beadboard on your cabinets. We love the beadboard that is created from wallpaper and trim board, because it is so easy to install and keep clean.


  1. Create Old Fashioned Cabinets


The cabinets in most kitchens have toe kicks, but they were not the cabinets that were used many years ago. If you want to create a look from the past, you should install freestanding kitchen cabinets. Since they have a gap underneath, they make the cabinets look taller.


  1. Add Crown Molding


When you get tired of all that wasted space at the top of your cabinets, you may want to consider adding crown molding to that space. The molding will make your cabinets look taller, while also creating a custom look for less money.


  1. Utilize LED Tape Lights


Adding lights to your kitchen cabinets can be time consuming, unless you utilize the new LED tape lights. These lights adhere where you want them on your cabinets, creating light where you want it the most.


  1. Create Barnwood Cabinet Doors


Reclaimed woods are quite popular, as are barn doors, so why not combine the two to create barnwood cabinet doors. Of course, you can use brand-new wood, just distress it first, for your barnwood doors.


  1. Add Some Brass


There are so many different hardware options available, but none of them create a unique look like brass does. We prefer the satin sheen finish over the bright options of the past, because it allows the warmer colors of the room to shine instead.


  1. Create a Two-Toned Appearance


There is nothing that states that your cabinets need to be all one color, although that is what most people do. We love the newer two-toned appearance that is becoming more popular. Most people love painting the lower cabinets a darker color and the upper cabinets a lighter color, but you can create the look that you love the most.


These are only seven of the options when it comes to creating unique cabinets in your kitchen and we know that there are so many others that you can think of. Start with one and then see how a small change can create a major difference in this room.




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