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How to Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets and Give Your Kitchen an Instant Facelift


Almost every homeowner that we know would love to purchase new cabinets for their kitchen remodel. However, that same number of homeowners change their mind as soon as they see how much those new cabinets will cost.

If you want the look of new cabinets, but not the hefty price tag, then we recommend that you take the time to paint your kitchen cabinets.

Use These Steps to Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets and Give Your Kitchen an Instant Facelift:

  1. Gather Your Tools and Supplies


When you decide to paint your kitchen cabinets, you need to gather your tools and supplies first, or you won’t get the results that you desire. We recommend that you use a paint sprayer for applying the paint, as you will have better coverage than you would if you used spray paint. The other items that you will need include painter’s tape, screwdriver or cordless drill, drop cloths, wood putty, a sander, primer, and paint.


  1. Remove Cabinets


As soon as you are ready to start painting, you should remove the cabinets from the walls. This will ensure that you do not have dripping paint as you are applying the paint. This is also an excellent time to clean your cabinets, so there is no debris or dirt getting stuck under the paint.


  1. Sand and Patch


You must sand and patch your cabinets prior to applying paint or the paint will not stick as it should.


  1. Apply Primer


It is always a good idea to apply a coat of primer before you apply the paint to your cabinets, because it prevents the paint from peeling. Of course, it also ensures that you do not need to apply numerous coats to cover an older color.


  1. Let Your Cabinets Dry


You may think that your cabinets are dry long before they truly are, which is why we recommend allowing them to dry for an additional twenty-four hours. After this time, you can carefully put your cabinets back in place and attach all the hardware.


Painting your kitchen cabinets is the easiest, and cheapest, way to give your newly remodeled kitchen a facelift. Yes, it takes some work, but the time that you spend will make your kitchen look better than you could have ever imagined.



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