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Impressive Bathroom Remodeling Trends You Can Expect to See in 2020

The bathroom is one of those spaces in the home that naturally inspires creativity. While many features never seem to go out of style, there are always new or reemerging trends. Any of these can provide the inspiration you need to get the perfect bathroom for your home.

More floor space

In a bathroom, more space often equates to more comfort. Everyone likes the idea of a bathroom that allows them to stretch out and relax. Many bathroom remodeling plans in the next few years will involve expanding the space. Reworking the layout is another way to make better use of the space. A bit of visual trickery can work in cases where expansion is not an option. These include using a large mirror, larger floor tiles and adding black for visual contrast.

More Tile Work

Ceramic tiles have been a fixture in bathrooms for many years, but they are increasingly being used in more creative ways to add more style. With an ever-growing range of sizes, patterns, shapes and textures, ceramic tiles make a big contribution to the bathroom’s décor. Tiles can complement the fixtures and bathroom furniture, and help to bolster the motif you are trying to achieve. In addition to ceramic types, you can consider marble and terrazzo to add beauty to space.

Less Storage

With many remodeling projects, the conventional wisdom is that the more storage space, the better. However, modern bathroom designs are calling for less cabinet space for more efficiency. Instead of stocking up on a lot of fancy bathroom products you rarely use, consider smaller cabinets or minimal shelving for the essentials.

Improving with Technology

Technology is a big part of our daily lives, so it is no surprise that there are now products for the bathroom as well. Contractors are seeing increased demand for features like entertainment systems, motion sensor faucets, lighting controls and automatic toilets. These high tech improvements instantly make a bathroom modern and add to the comfort.

Unusual Shapes and Patterns

An easy way to shake up the look of the bathroom is by choosing accessories with irregular shapes. This is a bold step in showing some creativity. Accessories such as mirrors, caddies, and fixture such as sinks and vanities add a lot of appeal to the bathroom.
Knowing about bathroom trends will be useful in planning your remodeling project. Even if you do not uses these ideas you can be inspired by them to make your bathroom mare beautiful and relaxing.

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