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Improve the Functionality of Your Small Bathroom with these Stylish Ideas

Stencil.default 9Owners of small bathrooms often give up on the idea of remodeling altogether. They mistakenly feel that limited space gives them limited options, but this is not the case. While they may be more challenging to improve, it is by no means impossible. Here are some great ideas you might find useful in updating your small bathroom.

  • Select the right color palette. Start with one of the cheapest and easiest things to achieve. Choosing the right color for your bathroom is simple, as there are a few colors considered ideal for this space. Use light or neutral tones to brighten the room and to reflect light. White or shades of white will work too.
  • Improve functionality. In order to make the most of a small bathroom, it has to be more functional. Start by thinking of ways to eliminate clutter and to find the items you need quickly. Your first target should be the vanity countertop, where many items are stored by default. A hanging metal rack on the shower or near the vanity can be used to keep essentials close at hand.
  • Increase storage. This might seem difficult in a small bathroom, but explore your options before giving up. Look around for wall space where you can put up floating shelves. Avoid cabinets as these can make the space seem smaller. Make use of the spaces close to the ceiling for storage. If you don’t have a vanity, add a sink skirt and hide items behind it.
  • Ditch the bathtub. If you have a small bathroom with a bathtub, it is time to think about removing it to make more room. A small shower will be adequate for your needs, and there are many attractive options that will give the space a modern touch. Even if you don’t use this extra space, just having a more spacious bathroom will be enough.
  • Use the space outside. If possible, put a small armoire or cabinet just outside the bathroom door to store towels, soaps and shampoos. As long as it doesn’t get in anyone’s way, this is a quick and nifty way to solve your bathroom space issues.

Bathroom Remodeling in the Greater Chicago Area

Visual tricks for making the bathroom seem smaller include using a large mirror, and installing tiles vertically instead of horizontally. If the bathroom adjoins your bedroom, you can consider removing a wall and taking a few feet of the bedroom’s space to expand the bathroom. This is a much more expensive step, so look at your options carefully. Call us at 312-714-5454 if you’re in Chicago or the surrounding area and would like to discuss your bathroom remodeling ideas.

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