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Kitchen Remodeling in 2018? Don’t Rush!

Most of us are guilty of wishing we could rush through a remodeling project and jump to the finished product. But the truth of the matter is – rushing any part of a kitchen project is a bad idea. We don’t want to encourage you to cause delays in a project that’s already in the works, but if you’re still in the planning stages – enjoy it! Here are a few steps to help you plan your kitchen remodeling project in 2018.

The 6-Letter B-Word

The budget is the least enjoyable part of remodeling because it has the power to limit your options. A large budget allows you to do whatever you want with some wiggle room to spare, but a small budget will require some sacrifices somewhere. Try these areas for saving some money:

  • Appliances: Don’t splurge on the $6,000 Samsung smart refrigerator with internal cameras if it will take money away from the amazing tile backsplash and custom hardware you want. Choose a nice refrigerator with a few bells and whistles that will allow you to splurge on something else.
  • Countertops: Don’t splurge on marble when custom concrete or granite are more easily within grasp and allow you to splurge in other areas – finishing touches for example.
  • Cabinets: Splurge on custom cabinets. That’s right; this is one of the splurge items. Custom cabinetry makes a dramatic difference in how your kitchen looks because cabinets are usually the first things people notice.

Plan, Plan, and Plan

You’ve probably heard the term measure twice, cut once used by contractors. You may have even used that term yourself if you’re the DIY kind of person. We do this because we want to make sure we’re making the right cut at the right spot every single time. The notion of creating the ideal kitchen is also why we say to plan, plan, and plan.

Quality Materials and Workmanship

Don’t settle for the first contractor you meet. We always encourage people to talk to at least three contractors to get a good feel of whether you will be able to work together. Request to see examples of their work as well as testimonials and reviews from actual clients. Social media is an excellent place to find reviews written by homeowners who have worked with local contractors.

Delays are a Thing

We’d love to say that delays never happen, but they do. The permit may be the holdup, the custom cabinetry may take longer than planned, the plumber or electrician may have a scheduling conflict – the bottom line is that delays happen and we simply have to deal with them as they unfold.

No Kitchen for a Few Weeks

Plan to use a temporary kitchen or feed your family fast food, easy snack foods, pre-prepared foods, or dinner with friends and family for a few weeks. Your kitchen will be out of commission for a while, so try to make an adventure out of the inconvenience.

Chicago Kitchen Remodeling

Call us to schedule an appointment for a consultation. We’ll visit your home and take a look at your existing kitchen, and let you know how we can improve both the functionality and the style. We will make recommendations based on our experience while taking your preferences and wishes into consideration.

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