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Let’s Talk about Why Finishing Your Basement is Important

An unfinished basement is unattractive, and it can detract from the rest of the home. As an extension of the living space, the basement must reflect the design themes present throughout. Leaving the basement unfinished can make it seem like your home itself is not finished. Here are some of the reasons why you should never ignore this vital step.

  • Stencil.default 6It increases home value – one of the goals of home improvement is usually to put it on the market. With a finished, basement you will be able to ask a higher price. Potential buyers will look more favorably on a home with a finished basement.
  • You can rent the space – a finished basement can provide you with some extra income if you rent it. This will be easier if you show a room that is renovated and finished. You will have a tough time getting someone to rent the basement if it still has the look of a basement.
  • It can serve different purposes – with a finished basement, you will have numerous ways to expand the interior of your home. With a fold-out sofa it could double as a lounge area and extra bedroom. Add the right equipment so you can use it as an entertainment room. You can also install different types of lighting for separate activities.
  • Get some extra storage space – keep your home neat by taking advantage of the space available in the basement. If the space is properly finished it will look more organized even if you store a lot of items. You will be able to save money since there will be no need to build extra storage in the house, or to rent a storage unit.
  • The space will be more inviting – the basement can be the ideal place to use for entertaining guests, but not if it is incomplete. Finishing the basement will give you a great part room or lounge area. You can even add a bar to make it easier to host gatherings.

Basement Remodeling in Chicago

A good contractor can finish a basement so that it doesn’t deviate from the rest of the home’s interior. Basement renovations can sometimes be expensive, but this is not always the case. You can work with the contractor to set a realistic budget for the remodeling and then make the changes accordingly.

Call us at 312-714-5454 if you’re in the greater Chicago area and would like to get the ball rolling on your basement remodeling project. We’ve helped many Chicago area homeowners turn their dark and musty basement into an amazing place to spend time with family. Schedule an appointment with us and show us your ideas. We’ll share our expertise and ideas with you, and together we’ll create a basement that you’re sure to love.

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