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Multimedia Experience in Park Ridge, IL

Engineering an Excellent Multimedia Experience in Park Ridge, IL.

The owners of this Park Ridge property wanted a basement where they could unwind and spend time watching movies in comfort and style. A lot of attention and time was devoted to ensure the very best multimedia experience possible.

Similar to our Northbrook project this basement construction started off with foundation repairs. Although, not nearly as extensive the foundation needed to be patched and sealed up. The electrical and wiring in the basement was not installed properly and the wires were shorting constantly. Given the extreme fire danger we decided not to take any chances and the entire electrical system was replaced. The owners sought a superb multimedia experience so we installed a powerful home theater system and specially insulated and padded the walls to dampen unwanted sounds. Carpeting was installed to help diffuse the sound throughout the room and minimize echo. A small little wet bar was added adjoining the multimedia room to help make the most of the space when unwinding and watching movies with friends and family.

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