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Narrowing Down Choices for Bathroom Remodeling

The choices for bathroom remodels are endless and if you are in the middle of planning one or just thinking about it, we can bet that your head is already swimming. We can see the questions now. Do I need two sinks? How about a separate shower and tub? Should I go with marble floors and countertops? Don’t worry, we are here to help you out, keep those questions at bay, and turn your newly remodeled bathroom into your own little private retreat.

Attic Bathroom - Chicago IL
6 tips for your bathroom remodel:

Limit Your Options

You may want your bathroom to have it all and it will, but keep your options down. There is no need for dozens of areas that can hold candles and the other items that turn a bathroom from a spa-like oasis to a fussy and messy space. Choose one or two small details or designs and then incorporate them into the space.

Use what You already Have

A bathroom remodel can be simple if you use certain items that you already have. Instead of changing the entire layout of your bathroom, you can utilize the plumbing that you already have and place your new sink, tub, and toilet near where they already were.

Don’t Turn it into a Masterpiece

Your bathroom should match the rest of your home, so we don’t recommend that you install marble and gold leaf paint, unless those items can be found elsewhere at your house. Instead, bring the rest of your home into your new bathroom. The arched doors from your living room can be duplicated in your bathroom and that granite countertop from your kitchen can be replicated as well.

Add Furniture

Vanities are no longer just boxes that hold the necessities in a bathroom. We recommend that you choose a chest or table with legs for a vanity, an armoire for towels, a comfy chair for a few minutes of rest, and a small console table to hold a couple items. These items will make the room feel more like a room.

His and Hers

Yes, the fight over who puts their stuff where in the bathroom continues and the only way for you to stop the madness is to designate specific his and her areas during your remodel. Remember, you will need a lot more storage than you think that you do, so plan accordingly.

Splurge where You Want

Yes, we know that you have a budget, but a little splurge is going to be necessary, especially since you have to live through the remodeling process. You can go small or big with the splurge, just make sure it is something that you will enjoy and appreciate. Some smaller splurges include a heated towel rack or a rain shower head and larger splurges would be a huge soaking tub or heated floors.

No one ever said it would be easy to remodel your bathroom, if they did, they were lying. But it is possible to survive with the least amount of scarring. Think about how you want your new bathroom to look, what you want in there, and how you can use some of what you already have, and you will find that some of the hardest decisions have already been made. The rest of the decisions become easy and before you know it, you will be relaxing in your new bathroom.

We know that you have an idea of what your dream bathroom looks like and we want to help you achieve your dreams without too many problems. Call Bart’s Remodeling today at 312-714-5454 if you’re ready to start the bathroom remodeling process. We’re more than happy to show you how we can remodel your bathroom into something amazing.

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