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Next Spring, Design the Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen and Don’t Forget the Extras

Despite the time and money people are spending on home remodeling, spending more time outdoors is becoming a hot trend. If you find this appealing, you might as well go the extra mile of making it easier to dine while enjoying the fresh air. You can design an outdoor kitchen that fits your lifestyle and budget.

Stencil.default 3The Cooking Area

Give some thought to the way that you will go about preparing meals. For most people, this is as simple as having an outdoor grill. Others may be able to afford something a little more permanent. Their plans might include a stove, countertop and maybe even a few cabinets to keep foods and spices close at hand. If your grill is old, shop around for a new one for the best performance. If you can’t afford a high end grill, you find a basic type for roughly $300 or less. Don’t be tempted to spend more money on features you don’t need.

Appropriate Seating

You might not be able to predict exactly how many people will need to be seated at any one time, but you should have a rough idea. At the very least, set up the space so you can add a few chairs if you need to. Basic patio furniture might not be enough for an outdoor kitchen, so you might need to add a small dining table or two. This depends on the type of meals you will be serving, and the setting you want to create. Even though this is an outdoor environment, style and color choices matter, so avoid buying bargain furniture just to save money.

Consider Additional Features

Even an outdoor kitchen is more than just a cooking and seating area. Even if you have a small budget, you should still try to squeeze in a few extras to make the most of the outdoor space. Shade is important for those hot summer days, so explore options like canopies, awnings and sails. For a rustic look, a tiki umbrella can set the right tone.

Over time you can add a few extras to make meal prep quicker and more practical. Lighting is essential for nighttime or late evening gatherings. Entertainment features like a TV and audio equipment will make it even easier to entertain guests, or to bring the family together. Be sure to add a few personal decorative touches to stamp your taste on the outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor Kitchen Design in Chicago

We understand that we’re headed into winter, but this is something that we want you to think about throughout the winter months. Let’s start planning your outdoor kitchen so we can get busy building it when spring begins. Call us at 312-714-5454 to schedule an appointment for a consultation.

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