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Organize Your Bathroom to Create a Stress Free Zone

Clutter is stressful. Okay, Captain Obvious, got any other great epiphanies for us? It’s not really an epiphany, just a simple truth. We’re big fans of organized storage, so creating storage ideas for your bathroom is just second nature. We’ll probably mention baskets and the usual storage ideas, but stay with us; we’ll bring up several great ideas that you’re sure to love.

Organize the Closet

This could be a whole blog post on its own, so keep coming back for more. But a clean and organized bathroom closet opens up space in the rest of the bathroom. You can use hooks, baskets, labels, and jars to organize bathroom closet items so that the half-empty shampoo bottles don’t jump out at you when you reach in for the new tube of toothpaste.

Install Corner Shelving

Corner shelves tuck out of the way and provide a great solution for those of us who have too much stuff cluttering the vanity. Get creative with your corner shelves and include small drawers underneath each shelf. This creates an entirely new decorative storage idea for the bathroom. Use baskets to store small items on the shelves so they don’t immediately look cluttered.

Clean Out the Medicine Cabinet

If you don’t currently have a medicine cabinet, install one. Seriously, you’ll love the additional space a few tiny shelves inside a 4” deep medicine cabinet provides. Buy one with adjustable shelving so you can store the items you use on a daily basis. You’ll be able to store makeup, dental floss, medicines, and so many other small bottles and containers in there, it’s amazing.

Install Shelving above the Toilet

Shelving or cabinetry above the toilet isn’t a brand new idea. It’s an excellent way to increase storage and organization in the bathroom. Make sure it’s installed high enough so that no one can bump their head when they sit on the toilet.

Buy Nice Accessories

Invest in a nice soap dish, toilet brush, toilet paper holder, towel bars, grab bars, shower curtain rod and hooks, and trashcan. These items have the ability to really make your bathroom look amazing while performing a function.

Bathroom Remodeling in Chicago

So that’s it for today’s blog, what are your thoughts? Give us a call to discuss bathroom remodeling in the Chicago area. We’ll schedule an appointment for a consultation and help you choose the best route to go with your project. We’ll be around from planning through to completion, so you’ll be able to ask us important questions along the way.

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