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Prepare Your Bathroom for the Holidays Now!

The holidays are quickly approaching, and you know that you are going to have extra people in your house numerous times this busy season. While you may think that you need to fix up your kitchen and family gathering area, please don’t forget about your bathroom. After all, your guests are going to need to use it at least once when they are at your house, so you should make it as nice as you can.

Here are 3 things that you can do now to prepare your bathroom for the holidays:

  1. Does Your Toilet Flush Properly?


You may know that you need to jiggle the handle on your toilet to get it to flush properly, but do you really want to go in there after each guest uses the bathroom to get it to flush? The answer to that is probably no, which is the same thing that your guests are going to say if they need to ask you how to flush your toilet. No guest ever wants to ask that question, for fear of thinking that they broke the toilet or that they are going to look like an idiot.


  1. Does Your Faucet Leak?


Leaky faucets are not terrible around the holidays, but they do show that your bathroom needs a little TLC. We recommend hiring someone to come in to either fix or replace your leaky faucet, so that you and your guests do not need to worry about trying to get the water to stop flowing this busy holiday season.


  1. Do You Have Enough Storage for Extra Toiletries?


With more people in your house, you are going to go through more soap, toilet paper, towels, and other bathroom necessities. Instead of making your guests ask you for more of something, we recommend that you install a little extra storage. You can then use that additional storage to keep all the extras in, so your guests have everything that they need when they are in your bathroom.


The three items listed above are all easy things to fix in time for the holiday season. However, as you are looking around your bathroom assessing the situation to see if these things need to be completed, you may realize that your entire bathroom needs an overhaul. While there might not be time to do that now, you can add it to your list for after the holidays. That way you can start the New Year off right with a remodeling project that will turn your bathroom into the beautiful space that you know it can be.



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