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Radiant Floor Heating Wins Prize for Comfort

Cold drafty basements are a thing of the past. If you are one of the skeptical homeowners putting off extending family living space to the basement, your wait is over. Radiant floor heating erases concerns about basement finishing and Chicago’s extreme weather.

No longer is a luxury item reserved for high-end homes, radiant floor heating is efficient, effective and affordable. It’s the ultimate in comfort. By distributing heat evenly and filling in cold drafty corners, radiant floor heating is making basement finishing Chicago’s latest trend.

Basement finishing with wet bar
Finished Basement Chicago.

Once thought of as an extravagant feature in basement remodeling in Chicago, radiant heating pays for itself through heating efficiency. It doesn’t require ducts to carry heat. When heat flows through ducts, some of the heat is wasted as it seeps through seams in the ductwork. Radiant heat can reduce the cost of gas and electricity because it is ductless.

Radiant floor heat installation - Basement
Radiant heat distribution.

In addition, radiant heat is a popular choice for homeowners who want to go green. Its efficiency reduces the negative impact on the environment. It also reduces the need for some cleaning products due to less dust and pollutants.

Another reason to install radiant floor heating for basement finishing, Chicago residents can enjoy relief from some nasty allergies. Dust particles blown out of heat ducts can spread through your home causing allergies and related health problems. Asthma symptoms can also be relieved by changing to a ductless system.

Radiant floor heating makes the entire concrete slab warm. As heat radiates out, objects in the room are heated. From furniture to carpet, the living space is evenly heated as heat radiates back into the room from all sides.

Basement bathroom - Chicago
Basement bathroom – Chicago.

Because radiant heat is so efficient and versatile, it is a good choice throughout the home. For homeowners with walkout basements and outdoor hot tubs or saunas, the technology of radiant floor heating can be used to melt snow and create a warm path on the cement.

Contact Barts Remodeling and as about the benefits and cost of radiant floor heating for your home. It can turn your drafty basement into a popular cozy family retreat.

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