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Reduce the Stress of a Small Bathroom with these Great Ideas for Coloring, Lighting, and More

Oval Window OpeningGiven the bathroom’s title as the home’s sanctuary, it makes sense to do everything possible to bring it to its fullest potential. With limited space, you have to get creative with your ideas. The size makes it challenging, but this can also make the end result more rewarding. Try a few of these ideas to get your small bathroom project going.

  • Keep it simple. Going a clutter-free look, with sleek lines will create the right aesthetic. Overdecorating a small space will cause it to feel crowded. Keep the color scheme basic, and avoid strong contrasts. Use a small vanity with rounded edges for a softer look.
  • Create a mini spa. The spa look is not just for big bathrooms. Choose earthy color tones and a wood framed mirror. Natural stone and marble can boost the spa setting. If marble tiles are too expensive, choose ceramic tiles that have a similar look.
  • The modern look. Update your small bathroom space with modern fixtures for a look of luxury. A lighted mirror looks attractive and offers great detail. No-touch sensor faucets come in beautiful designs and make the bathroom smarter while improving water conservation. Consider options like dual flush toilets, and adjustable rain showerheads as well. Stainless steel is a good material choice for a modern looking bathroom.
  • Glass tiles. Give the bathroom that added chic with glass wall tiles. With a staggering range of options and the ability to create any pattern, you can make the bathroom luxurious without going over your budget.
  • An Asian theme. Be inspired by the simplicity of Asian design concepts. The use of rich, dark wood tones and bamboo will provide a simple elegance. One or two pieces of Asian themed artwork can also be helpful.
  • Beach tones. Blend sandy colored cabinets with blue tiles or wall tones for a beach-like effect.
  • Lighting. Brighten every space in the bathroom to put it on full display. Ambient lighting is important, but you need task lighting for the mirror and vanity area. If you don’t have a lighted mirror, flank it with lights. Choose bright, energy saving LED bulbs and fixtures that match the décor. Choose tiles with a stone finish to complete the look.

Bathroom Remodeling in the Greater Chicago Area

You can find many more ideas to add to this list, as a small bathroom gives you many ways to show your creative side. For the best outcome, start by working out a budget, so you will know what kind of changes you can afford. Call us at 312-714-5454 if you’re in Chicago or the surrounding area and would like to discuss your bathroom remodeling ideas.

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