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Seven 1920s Kitchen Design Ideas that You Should Not Skip in Your 2018 Kitchen Remodel

Wait. What? Yes, you read that correctly. Everyone always says history repeats itself and we see evidence of this in everyday life. Believe it or not, the kitchen really hasn’t changed a lot since the 1920s. Let’s take a look at seven 1920s design ideas that you may want to use this year.

  1. Shaker Cabinets. Simplicity at its best. Shaker style cabinets provide just enough detail while not screaming “hey, look at me!” from across the room.
  2. Glass Cabinet Doors. Do you remember going to your grandma’s or your great-grandma’s and seeing her glassware or decorative dishes through the glass cabinet doors? That style still looks amazing in any kitchen.
  3. Real Wood Cabinets. What else can we say? The quality difference between real wood cabinetry and the stuff you get from that cheap shop down the street is amazing.
  4. Neutral Tones. Neutral tones and a lot of natural wood were very common in the 1920s because of the high costs of other materials.
  5. A Farmhouse Sink. Today’s farmhouse sink looks a little different from the 1920s version, but it’s just as impressive. The sink is boxed in unlike previously when it had an open area below. The broad and tall front panel catches the eye and the deep basin provides plenty of space for large pots and pans.
  6. Multi-Purpose Kitchen Island. The earlier kitchen islands were generally counter-height tables that offered additional countertop space as well as extra seating for when guests attended dinner. Today’s kitchen islands include storage as well as extra seating and worktop space.
  7. Lots of Windows. Natural light was king in the 1920s because electricity was an expensive luxury that many people couldn’t afford. Natural lighting is still a lovely way to light your kitchen while saving on the utility bill. Large windows, skylights, solar tubes, transom or sidelight windows, and reflective surfaces help improve natural light throughout the kitchen.

Bet you didn’t realize that your modern kitchen design ideas had roots that spanned all the way to the 1920s, did you? Give us a call if you’re in the greater Chicagoland area and would like to discuss remodeling your kitchen this year.

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