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Small Commercial Construction Tips for Remodeling Your Office Space


Remodeling a commercial office space is quite similar to remodeling a house, except for a few specific items that you wouldn’t need to worry about for a home. Thankfully, we can assist you with figuring it all out.

Here are 4 small commercial construction tips for remodeling your office space:

Look at the Certificate of Occupancy

Every commercial building has a limit as to how many people can be in the building at one time. The Certificate of Occupancy will list that as well as tell you what the building can be used for. There is no point in purchasing a building to use as an office if it can only be used as a private residence because it can be quite difficult and expensive to attempt to change the Certificate of Occupancy and most times it cannot be done.

Know the Violations on the Property

Buildings that are more than a few years old will probably have building violations. These violations could be work that was completed without a permit or it could be a malfunctioning sprinkler system. The best way to find these violations is hiring a professional to do an inspection.

Look at the Structure, Mechanics, Electric, and Plumbing

The type of business you have will determine what changes you will need to make to the current structure, mechanics, electric, and plumbing of the commercial building. If the business before you had five employees and you have fifteen, you may need to add another bathroom or two. You may prefer to have a kitchen space in your office and if there isn’t one, then you will need to determine the costs to add everything.

Check the Exterior of the Building

As you are remodeling a commercial building, you will not want to forget about the exterior of the building, including the windows, doors, and the roof. You will also want to ensure that everyone has access to your building by installing wide enough doorways and even a ramp for those who are in a wheelchair.

Your contractor can help you determine what you need to do to make your new office space meet your current and future needs. The above tips will get you started with the process and will make the questions that follow much easier to answer.

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