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Surprise Dad with an Amazing Sports Bar in the Basement

Pexels Photo 26545Sport lovers need a place to watch all their favorite teams play, and while the living room is a nice option, a sports bar is much better. If your dad loves watching sports, you may want to consider remodeling his basement and creating an amazing sports bar.

Here are 4 options that you will want to consider when surprising your dad with an amazing sports bar in the basement:

Add Multiple Televisions

We have never met a guy yet who doesn’t spend half of their sports watching lives changing the channel from one game to another, and that is why we recommend installing multiple televisions in a sports bar. With more than one television, your dad can watch all the sports that he is interested in at that time and never miss a big play.

Add a Bar

You cannot have a sports bar without an actual bar! The bar can be a small counter with a couple of chairs off to the side of the room or you can make it larger and completely cover one end of your dad’s new sports bar. Behind this bar, you will want to install a refrigerator, microwave, sink, and even a dishwasher for easy cleanup at the end of the day.

Add Comfortable Furniture

Your dad is going to need somewhere comfortable to sit as he is watching his games, and so will you. We know that you are going to be right there with him! We recommend a couch, reclining chairs, and even an ottoman or two. The ottomans can serve as extra seating when the crowds begin to take over the favorite sports bar on the block.

Add Memorabilia

No sports bar would be complete without some signed memorabilia. These items can be easy to purchase through sporting stores, but the best memorabilia is from actual sporting events. We recommend taking your dad to a few games and seeing if you can both get some items autographed. The opportunities are out there, you just need to look carefully to find them.

Your dad will love his new sports bar once it is completed and you can both spend hours down there watching the big games. We recommend that you get started on this project now, so your dad can spend his lazy days of summer down in his basement where it is cooler and full of fun.

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