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Tackle These 3 Things as Soon as Your Remodeling Project is Complete

As soon as the last worker cleans up their stuff from your remodeling project, you may be ready to sit down, relax, and finally release a long breath out of your lungs. However, your work is not done yet! There are still a couple of things that you are going to need to do to ensure that all your remodeling lasts for a long time.

Here are 3 things that you will want to tackle as soon as your remodeling project is complete:

Tackle All Those Registrations

Your new appliances, heating system, cooling system, and many other items come with a warranty, but you won’t benefit from any of them if you do not register for each one. There are times when a contractor will do all this for you, but if they didn’t, you will want to take some time now to fill them all out. They can usually be done online, and it will only take a few minutes for each one. That is nothing compared to the time that you will spend if you have an issue and the warranty information was never completed.

Create a Maintenance Schedule

Some items in your home will need regular maintenance to keep them working properly or looking their best. Your contractor is the best person to talk to in order to find out exactly what you need to do, but here are a couple to get you started. Countertops or other items that are made out of natural materials will need to be sealed to prevent stains and keep them looking like new. The filters for you heating and cooling or water purification systems will need to be changed regularly, so that they work at their fullest potential. Plumbing fixtures should be cleaned carefully to prevent a buildup of minerals from clogging them.

Protect Your Wood

Hardwood floors look nice, but they can get gouged and nicked easily. Chairs that are scraped across the wood can make marks, while small rocks and dirt can create holes in the floor. We recommend putting felt pads on the bottom of your chair legs to keep marks off your hardwood floors and remove your shoes before walking on your floors.

Finishing Your Remodeling Project

These three tips will help you keep your newly remodeled space looking beautiful long into the future, making the money that you spent worthwhile. Your contractor can assist you with all this if you have any questions or are unsure of what you need to do for your specific project.

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